Franky Descoteaux

Franky Descoteaux came to Lowell in 2000, opened Mambo Grill in 2004, and in 2007 she opened two more businesses: Monkey’s, an ice cream shop, and Humanity, a women’s affordable clothing boutique. She visits them on a daily basis and asks, “What can we do to improve today to make our business more comfortable, beautiful, profitable, or fun for employees?” And then she does it.

Susan Leger Ferraro

Susan is the founder and president of four successful businesses: Little Sprouts Inc., The Leadership & Literacy Foundation, Imagine That, and Peace, Love and Happiness, LLC. Susan employs over 280 people. Speaking nationwide, she helps other organizations achieve the same success. For Susan, the power of investing in people, in business, and in growth is a vocation that can change the world.