Linda Brodeur

Bishop Guertin High School, Nashua, NH

As the first lay president of Bishop Guertin High School and the first-ever female president of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart schools, Linda can never remember a time when she didn’t want to be a teacher. President of School since 2005, with next year marking her twenty-fifth year with Bishop Guertin, she has always viewed her role as an educator as a ministry rather than a job. A major focus at Bishop Guertin is striving for teacher-student relationships built on trust, mutual respect, and compassion. Linda is also initiating innovative programs to address and help alleviate the stress and fears that students have about their safety in the world and the pressure to succeed.

Kathy Egmont

Lowell Community Charter Public School, Lowell, MA

As Head of the Lowell Community Charter Public School, Kathy Egmont’s experiences with the inequities of education among children from different races and economic levels led her to focus on making a difference in the lives of children who are at risk for being denied excellence in education. When she arrived at the Lowell Community Charter Public School in 2010, the school was facing a threat of closure due to poor academic performance. Today it is a beacon of hope for the community, recently awarded a new five-year charter. Kathy Egmont believes that culture of the school inspires students to do their best when it allows all children, even those with struggles, to be valued, to be understood, and to learn to their highest level.