2013 Celebration of Excellence Award Recipients

Business of the Year Award Recipients

The Business of the Year Award recognizes and honors successful, local businesses for their financial achievement, positive workplace environment and continued community impact.

  1. AMD Global Telemedicine

    AMD Global Telemedicine

    Chelmsford, MA

    "AMD is keenly aware that our solutions directly impact the quality of the lives of our customers."

    AMD Global Telemedicine may be a small company of just under 30 employees in Chelmsford, but has a significant impact in the delivery of healthcare in more than 90 countries around the world. Founded in 1991 by current president Steve Normandin, AMD pioneered the development of telemedicine as a way of bringing quality medical care to rural and underdeveloped areas around the world.

    AMD faced tremendous risk when the decision was made to operate outside of its traditional business area. In doing so, AMD has been instrumental in providing world class health care to people in Kenya, Central America and South America, many of whom had never seen a doctor. Delivering its products through well established world-wide channels, the company boasts a notable list of healthcare organizations around the world as clients, including the Mayo Clinic, United Healthcare, and Boston Children’s Hospital.

    AMD generously supports the communities it serves, donating medical equipment and engineering resources to the Shriner’s Burn Centers, the World Health Organization, and the National Institute of Health. On the local level, AMD is committed to supporting a variety of community based charities, such as Lowell General Hospital’s Team Walk for Cancer Care and the IRIS Network for the Blind.

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  2. Jenika & Johanson, Inc.

    Jenike & Johanson, Inc.

    Tyngsboro, MA

    "Our greatest asset is our employees."

    Jenike & Johanson is an employee-owned, bulk solids engineering company headquartered in Tyngsboro, MA. The company has successfully developed the processes that enable its worldwide clients to efficiently, economically and safely store, transfer and process the bulk solids used in the production of nearly every product, from pharmaceutical tablets to cereal to plastic bottles.

    Under the leadership of President John W. Carson and CEO Herman Purutyan, the company prevailed through the recent economic downturn without eliminating staff and has resumed its pre-recession growth. Combining international joint ventures in Canada and Chile with its U.S. Company to create Jenike & Johanson Global, the company expanded into Perth, Australia in 2012, and plans to open offices in Houston and Brazil this year.

    Jenike & Johanson strongly encourages employees to contribute their energies and resources to contribute to their communities, with the company’s management serving as role models, allowing employees to take time off for charitable work. While much has changed in the nearly fifty years since Dr. Andrew Jenike started the company in his basement, his philosophy, vision and goals for the company remain constant: create value for employees, clients and shareholders, as well as for its communities.

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Entrepreneur of the Year Award Recipients

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates individuals for their entrepreneurial spirit, vision, innovation, determination and persistence.

  1. Dr. James A. Greer

    Dr. James A. Greer

    PVD Products, Inc.—Wilmington, MA

    "I make it clear to the employees that we are building works of art for our customers—not just machines."

    Jim Greer doesn’t really think of himself as an entrepreneur, but the tremendous success of his company, PVD Products of Wilmington, begs to differ.

    A self-described “prototypical introverted scientist with absolutely no interest in business,” Jim was working in a high-paying job as a researcher in the late 1990s when he realized that he enjoyed building equipment as much as conducting research. Seeing a clear need for laser deposition equipment for materials research, as well as other tools for the growth of thin films, his vision for PVD Products was born. With a leap of faith, he left his job and started his company in 2000. PVD quickly established a reputation for technical excellence in its market and achieved significant growth and profitability. Jim established a reputation as a savvy entrepreneur and a caring boss with a commitment to giving back to his community.

    In the words of a colleague: "Many entrepreneurs are brilliant people with creative ideas or new ways of viewing technical or business problems. And many business owners are decent, caring and compassionate individuals. Rarely do these qualities co-exist in the same person to the degree that they do in Jim Greer."

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  2. Jack O'Connor

    Jack O'Connor

    O’Connor Studios—Tewksbury, MA

    "Through the fine examples of others, I learned to give back. It is my hope that some lives have been made better for that."

    For thousands of families, school portraits are synonymous with O’Connor Studios. Since 1965, schools and parents have relied on Jack O’Connor and his photographers to capture the memories of their days in school.

    Jack’s success story is one of inspiration and courage, overcoming undiagnosed dyslexia and serious financial struggles. But the entrepreneur in him—evident when he won his first sales award in a third grade Christmas card fundraiser—was strong enough to overcome the adversity he faced.

    A sales opportunity with a photo finishing company paved the way for O’Connor Studios. Jack’s philosophy from day one was to provide good customer service to produce portraits that would be lasting memories for years to come. Jack took great risk in purchasing failing portrait companies to turn around and make profitable. Today, O’Connor Studios has grown to photographing more than 525,000 students a year, and Commencement Photos Inc., which he founded in 1974, services 350 colleges, middle schools and high schools throughout the country.

    Jack O’Connor’s reputation as a businessman is matched only by his reputation as a philanthropist, generously donating time and money to support charitable organizations—creating more precious memories for those he serves.

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Educator of the Year Award Recipient

The Educator of the Year Award recognizes and honors an individual in the field of education who has made a significant impact over the course of his or her tenure and created a long-lasting and valuable legacy. This award was established in 2011.

  1. Maryellen DeMarco

    Maryellen DeMarco

    Lowell Catholic High School—Lowell, MA

    "Teaching is more than just a job for me; it is a calling and a way of life."

    Inspired by her own high school years at St. Mary’s in Lawrence, Maryellen DeMarco realizes the power that education has to transform the lives of students, particularly in the critical adolescent years. She returned to her alma mater to begin her teaching career, and then went on to teach at Arlington Catholic High School and Timberlane Regional High School in Plaistow, NH.

    When she joined Lowell Catholic as Principal in 2003, the institution was facing numerous challenges: low enrollment, 70% college acceptance rate for seniors, no established curriculum, and facilities in a state of disrepair. Over the past 10 years, Maryellen spearheaded a capital campaign, resulting in the addition of two new buildings to the campus. She oversaw the implementation of a quality, college-preparatory curriculum and led the school through the rigorous NEASC accreditation process, resulting in the school’s first accreditation. These successes have led to a 40 percent increase in enrollment and 100 percent college acceptance rate for seniors.

    Maryellen says: "More than anything, an educator must love children to be effective. With passion, knowledge and compassion, a teacher can make a difference in the life of every student they encounter."

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Community Service Award Recipients

The Community Service Award honors and celebrates a local person or for-profit business organization that has harnessed the power of their assets, resources, and visibility to make a significant, positive impact on their community.

  1. Russell Ingram

    Russell Ingram

    Salem, NH

    "Russ Ingram not only gives his own time and money, but encourages others to do so as well. He is an inspiration to all."

    When Russell Ingram retired after 37 years as a successful banker, he and his wife, Roberta wanted to give back to the community. His generosity, gifts of time, money, and passion has inspired others and has done immeasurable good in the lives of community residents.

    His generous $500,000 donation enabled his hometown of Salem, NH, to build a much-needed senior center for the aging community. Another generous financial donation jump-started a project to build an annex to the library and Masonic Center in Colebrook. When the Salem Boys and Girls Club was struggling, Russ challenged individuals and companies to match his $10,000 donation. The campaign raised more than $30,000. Russ Ingram’s commitment to community service includes public service. He is currently the Chairman of the Council on Aging Board, spent eight years as a State Representative in Concord, and served as Town Treasurer in Colebrook for 25 years.

    Russ Ingram encourages volunteer work and philanthropy to get projects working without tax dollars. He is successful because of his ability to use his financial skills, leadership and compassion to bring people together to achieve a common goal.

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  2. Barbara and Ira Smith

    Barbara and Ira Smith

    Acton, MA

    "With the perspective of gratitude for their lives and blessings, Barbara and Ira have selflessly and modestly devoted themselves to improving the lives of others."

    In 1990, when Barbara and Ira Smith learned of Salvadoran civil war refugees living in a bare home outside of Acton, they put an ad in their church bulletin requesting furniture and household goods from the congregation. While helping the family, they learned of others in similar situations, living in homes without the basic necessities.

    Refusing to turn away from the need, they formed Household Goods Recycling of Massachusetts (HGRM), a volunteer-run, non-profit organization, providing furniture, appliances and other household basics, free of charge, to people in need. Each year, Barbara and Ira welcome people from over 150 communities, referred by 300 different human service agencies. Since 2004, the Smiths have helped more than 28,000 families, while also helping the planet by diverting hundreds of tons of useful furniture out of landfills every year. They have also developed a robust volunteer program; last year alone, 800 volunteers contributed more than 38,000 hours.

    The Smiths’ energy and stamina are inspirational. Now into their 80s, they both actively volunteer at HGRM six days a week. Through their humility, compassion, resourcefulness, faith, and unfailing sense of humor, Barbara and Ira Smith have selflessly and modestly devoted themselves to improving the lives of others.

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  3. SimplexGrinnell


    Westminster, MA

    "Under our mission, we are committed to making the world a safer place. At the same time, we believe deeply in making the world a better place."

    As a fire protection and life safety leader, making a difference in the community is core to the mission of SimplexGrinnell. Headquartered in Westminster, MA and part of Tyco Fire Protection Products, SimplexGrinnell strives to be a leader in every community it serves.

    The company’s commitment to community includes an annual company-wide fundraising campaign for United Way and United Way Youth Venture. Last year, Westminster employees led the way in helping raise over $150,000. SimplexGrinnell is also a major corporate sponsor of the United Way “Day of Caring” in North Central Massachusetts, an annual event where hundreds of volunteers assist area health and human service agencies with improvement and maintenance projects. In 2012 more than 100 SimplexGrinnell and Tyco Fire Protection Products employees donated their time to make the Day of Caring a success. SimplexGrinnell also supports an annual company-wide community involvement month, during which employees give back to their communities through activities from food bank donations to blood drives and river cleanups.

    In addition to its being an industry-leading business, SimplexGrinnell is defined by the compassion and generosity that its employees demonstrate for each other, for people in need, and for their communities.

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Non-Profit of the Year Award Recipients

The Non-Profit of the Year Award honors and recognizes a non-profit organization whose achievements and accomplishments are a result of successfully meeting or exceeding their mission and goals, making a significant and positive impact on the communities it serves. This award was established in 2010.

  1. Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster

    Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster

    Leominster, MA

    "The Club provides youth an extra opportunity to practice and reinforce the skills and concepts they learn in school."

    The Boys & Girls Club of Fitchburg and Leominster seeks to inspire and enable children and teens in North Central Massachusetts to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens. In addition to traditional Boys & Girls Club programs in health, nutrition, community service, entrepreneurship, and recreation and sports, the Club differentiates itself with its focus on education, serving as a valuable asset to the schools in the communities it serves.

    With a focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the organization has evolved from a drop-in, recreational day care program to structured, academically enriched program. Under the leadership of Executive Director Donata Martin, the Club offers specialized homework assistance and STEM-related programs daily. The goal is to help children develop greater confidence in their academic abilities, leading to improved school attendance, grades, behavior, and graduation rates.

    The Club has earned local and national recognition for its success, including being one of only three clubs in the nation selected as presenters at the Boys & Girls Club of America annual national conference in 2012.

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  2. Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

    Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

    Lowell, MA

    "Our economic impact is measured in the millions of dollars. Our impact on family stability, pride of ownership and general well-being is immeasurable."

    The mission of the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership (MVHP) in Lowell is to promote responsible and sustainable home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income earners. Under the leadership of Executive Director Jim Wilde, the organization has three main areas of focus: providing comprehensive training for first-time home buyers; access to individual financial and credit counseling; and administering down payment assistance programs.

    Through Project Genesis, the MVHP home buyer training program, the staff at MVHP educates 700 to 900 families each year, in multiple languages. During the past 20 years, MVHP has taught nearly 14,000 families, with more than 5,000 of these families having now purchased their first home. MVHP was a pioneer in the field of home buyer training, playing a key role in creating the curriculum still used by home buyer counseling agencies throughout Massachusetts. Much of MVHP’s success is attributed to the many productive partnerships it has nurtured over the years, from lenders and home inspectors, to immigrant community leaders and advocates.

    The Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership has assisted thousands of low and moderate income families to become responsible and sustainable home owners, having a profound impact on the local economy and on the lives of the people it serves.

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George L. Duncan Award of Excellence Recipient

It is with great pleasure that Enterprise Bank presented the George L. Duncan Award of Excellence to Anil Singhal, the Founder and CEO of NetScout Systems, Inc. at the 2013 Celebration of Excellence. The presentation of this very special award is the highlight of a truly remarkable evening.

Early in Enterprise Bank’s history, George L. Duncan had the clear vision and foresight to see the day when Enterprise Bank would be in a position to create an event that would recognize local excellence and inspire the dreamers in our communities. Today that event is a reality, and our five award categories— Business Excellence, Education, Community Service, and Non-Profit—are a reflection of George L. Duncan’s life and spirit, and his belief in the importance of the daring, the doing, and the giving back.

The George L. Duncan Award of Excellence brings the daring, the doing, and the giving back together and recognizes an individual, business, or non-profit organization for outstanding achievements in entrepreneurship, business excellence, and community service—a recipient that excels in creating a positive difference every day.

  1. NetScout Systems

    NetScout Systems, Inc.

    Westford, MA

    "We strive to exceed customer expectations in all aspects of our products and services, in each and every case, for each and every customer."

    NetScout Systems of Westford is the recognized market leader in the service assurance market for enterprise and service provider next-generation IP networks. NetScout Systems is currently deployed in over 90% of Fortune 100 companies and over 148 service provider production networks across 47 countries. Despite a very challenging economic climate over the past five years, NetScout has remained profitable and on a growth track.

    Anil Singhal has succeeded in creating a corporate culture at NetScout where the work force is seen as a valuable asset, not something to be slashed as the easy way out in difficult times. An important aspect of NetScout’s overall success is key strategic acquisitions to enter new adjacent markets, or to bolster current solution capabilities.

    Through the company’s “The Heart of Giving” program, NetScout is a strategic, long-term partner with charitable organizations worldwide, providing matching gifts for employee charitable contributions and supporting charitable efforts such as disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy, the Japanese tsunami, and the Haitian earthquake. NetScout also sponsors annual holiday gift and food drives and lends direct support to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lowell.

    Through 28 years of technology innovation, NetScout has dramatically changed how enterprises and service providers optimize and protect service delivery to end users.

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